Summer Footwear Fashions 2012

Summer Footwear Fashions 2012Yippee! Summer's nearly here, we can feel it in the bones, and the flowers can certainly feel it because there go the bluebells! So, what does summer mean? Summer means 'get your sandals on!' whoop, whoop!

Ok, so on to the important stuff then: what's hot and what's not in summer 2012 footwear. Here, we take a closer look. (And we can tell you now that there is a lot, and we mean a lot, to look forward to!)

Flip Out With a Flip Flop
When you think of flip flops, you probably think of those black ones with the rainbow strap - these are great for the retro look, but for some of us, they bring back dubious childhood memories (being forced to walk for miles by your mum!). Fortunately, there are many new styles to choose from, and some are even comfortable to walk in!

So, we still have the usual style, but with different colours, and fortunately, with thicker soles. There are lots of colours to choose from: black, beige, pink, red, blue, etc. And, we absolutely love the plastic see through flip flops by beach athletic, and at £9.99, they are an absolute bargain!

Then, there are the ones that hug your feet - so you don't have that uncomfortable bit of material between the toes. The Hush Puppies, Santana summer sandals, for example, have straps around the back of the foot and across the top of the foot - they also curve up slightly at the front, to protect toes from the pavement (we don't know about you, but we have certainly scuffed the end of our toes when wearing flip flops!).

Ballerina Shoes
As ever, these shoes are proving very popular this year, and there are lots of different styles. There are the jelly material pumps, there are cotton pumps with graphic patterns, and there are a variety of different embellishments. In fact, the choice is so diverse, that it really isn't possible to discuss them all here - you'll have to visit the link at the bottom of the page to see for yourself.

These are probably the most recent addition to summer sandal fashions, and again, there are lots of different types. There are the modern Toms Shoes type of espadrilles, or the classic Spanish styles, and then there are the espadrille wedges, with cork stacked heels. Of course, the colours, patterns, and types of material vary considerably and the choice is really a matter of personal preference, although we love the Marco Tozzi Check Wedge espadrille in Blue - quaint and lovely to be sure.

Gladiator Sandals
Back for another year, you will find several twists on this style of summer sandal. For example, let us draw your attention to the Helena Flatform Gladiator Sandal, these are much like the platform shoes of the 70s, except that rather than having a heel, the shoes are flat across, but off the floor by about 3", and the uppers are in a Gladiator style. These are great for shorter women who want to add height, but who are uncomfortable in heels.

Summer Fashion Trends for 2012

color block fashion trend 2012It is time to throw your chunky knits to the back of your wardrobe and invest in some summer friendly attire for the upcoming season. London Fashion Week has shown a lot of potential for spring-summer fashion with designer clothing. From boyfriend cuts with added femininity to clashed prints - this summer's fashion is bound to be exciting and colourful.

Style is ever-changing and with designer clothing being so versatile - is the term fashionable too ambiguous? Whether you are more of a 'dare to be different' girl or more of a laid back 'tomboy' there is undoubtedly trends for everyone. Although it was a proverbial fact that the initial influences of what defines fashion came from the designers, now it is a lot more about street style. Nevertheless, designers have created a remarkable variety of attire set for spring-summer 2012 and it is only a matter of time before these are available on the high street.

Prints are an extremely important part of fashion this year and they have not been so flamboyant since the '70s hippie revolution. Clean cut shapes with outgoing patterns define the extravagance of summer fashion - it is all about standing out from the crowd. The only rule of this colourful season is to clash your patterns; everything else is up to you. Designers have included every pattern available into their clothing ranges so you are most definitely not short of choice.

One other way of dressing for summer 2012 is to incorporate flirtatious, bold colours into your attire. Bright and sporty neon's have been projected across the media in order to create the perfect look for summer. Combine bright colours with dark and diaphanous attire to master the simple ensemble.

Alternatively, take your fashion taste in the complete opposite directions by dressing in chalky pastel apparel. Sugary and luxurious shades define the ideal subtle outfits for the upcoming summer season. This particular apparel has the characteristics of clean lines and simple shapes so that you can indulge in plainness and layers. There are no rules to this pastel phenomenon as you can take one shade and dress from head-to-toe or go into pastel overload and use many different colours to complete your look.

Finally, the last fashion trend which has been hitting the designer clothing shelves is the boyfriend look. A style that has always been in fashion since Coco Chanel, one of the world's most legendary fashion designers, initiated the look for masculinity within women's fashion. Androgynous pieces are hitting the market and many aspiring fashionistas have been documented sporting such attire. This fashion style is all about getting in touch with your masculine side whilst staying feminine and true to your roots!
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